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8 Ways Your Baby Receives Immunity, Other Than Bodyfeeding

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Exclusively bodyfeeding isn’t the only way your baby receives immunity.

If you have chosen not to bodyfeed or are unable to, please know that there are so many other options for your baby to develop their immune system.

- 🤰🏻💉 Your Vaccinations: receiving vaccines during pregnancy pass along immunity from those vaccines to baby

- 🩸🪢 Placental Immunity: during the last trimester the placenta shares antibodies with baby

- 🌷Vaginal Bacteria: when a baby passes through the vagina during birth the bacteria helps the baby to develop immunity (in cesarean births you are able to “vaginal seed” meaning a swab of the vagina can be wiped on the baby’s mouth, face and skin.)

- 🤗 Skin-to-skin: allows good bacteria on the skin to pass to the baby thus strengthening their immune system

- 👶🏻 💉 Baby’s Vaccinations: vaccines in the first 6 months of life help to strengthen baby’s immunity for a variety of diseases

- 🍼 Infant Formula: provides all the nutrients and vitamins that baby needs to be healthy

- 💤 Sleep: helping baby to get proper sleep strengthens their immunity

- 🦠 Exposure to Germs: allows baby to make their own antibodies

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