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How to Find Your Dream Doula

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

5 Underasked Questions For Your Doula

Most often, the 3 questions soon-to-be-parents ask their doula are:

"How long have you been a doula?"

"Do you have any other famalies with a due date close to mine?"

"How much do your services cost?"

These questions aren’t bad…they’re just not great!

How long someone has been a doula doesn’t necessarily mean much. Each doula takes on a different number of clients, and no two births are ever the same.

Some people start labor before their due date and others a bit after. Another client having a due date close to yours, doesn’t mean you both will definitely be in labor at the exact same time.

It’s important to honour your budget, while finding the best support you can. This isn’t the time to find the less expensive option, but rather to find the most value to you. Don’t rule out a doula based on their fees. Meet with them and ask about payment plans, sliding scales, insurance coverage, ect.

Okay, so what are some GREAT ways to find the right doula for you?

1. Do you even like them?!

Any doula you partner with has to meet the vibe check! The largest way a doula makes an impact is based on how they make you feel. Birth is a cocktail of hormones that depend on your ability to feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

2. Does their support style align with your desired support?

When you close your eyes and picture your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, what do you see your dream doula doing? Be very specific. These are your subconscious expectations. It’s important that your doula’s support style aligns with that. 

"These are your subconcious expectations. It's important that your doula's support style aligns with that."

3. Do their opinions align with your plans?

Before you share your birth & postpartum plans, ask your doula…

“What’s your opinion of medicated and unmedicated pain management?”

“How do you feel about vaginal and cesarean births?”

“How about hospital and home births?”

“Body and bottle feeding? Human or formula milk?”

Hearing their opinion before sharing your plans, gives you the opportunity to suss out if they will 100% be supportive of your preferences.

4. Do they have experience supporting births similar to your ideal birth?

There are so many variables in each birth style. Having a doula who is familiar with those variables can help you to navigate them. 

5. How do they support partners?

Partner(s) are often also having a baby! Having a doula that is not only a great support to you, but also to your partner(s) and y’all’s dynamic is vital. 

Now you're ready to go find your dream doula!

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