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Rule Your Labor From Your Porcelain Throne

Curious how you can make incredible progress during labor while totally vibing? NO MATTER if you’re at home or in the hospital?

Look no further than the porcelain throne…or as we doulas like to affectionately say; “the dilation station”🚽🩵

Here’s how it works 👇

💃 Movement is key! Walking to the bathroom every hour coupled with an upright seated position, is a great way to move baby through the pelvis while using gravity to encourage baby downwards.

🧱 Speaking of moving the pelvis- try using a squatty potty to help get into a deeper squat. You can also put one foot on a yoga block or a stool to create asymmetry in the pelvis (great for the middle of labor!). Moving the pelvis can help move your baby through.

🪷 In your day to day life, where do you often completely relax your pelvic floor? The toilet. Simply sitting here signals to your brain to relax those pelvic floor muscles which often tense up during labor. Think of softening and opening.

🌊 Peeing every hour can make more space for your baby! Your bladder is tucked under and in-front of your uterus. When it’s full, it therefore can get a bit in the way. Peeing often can help!

🪨 Think Caveman. Birth is primal- we are hardwired to feel safe when we are in a dark, small, and quiet space. The bathroom is your BIRTH CAVE. No one watching you, no sounds or light or distractions. Feelings of safety will help to ease the intensity or labor while letting your oxytocin flow (the key hormone to labor).

🛏️ Get cozy! Try turning around to face the tank. This allows you to put a pillow on top of the tank and rest your head on. It also gives your partner an opportunity to give you a massage, squeeze your hips, apply a warm rice bag…or all three! Resting smart lets you save energy and get into a good headspace.

✨ Just vibe. Turn on some soft music, throw up some cool lighting, bring in your partner, and let the happy hormones take over.

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