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"Baby will come when they are ready" is helpful and harmful

"Baby will come when they are ready" is helpful and harmful ⬇️


An estimated due date is just that- an estimate. There is no definitive way of knowing exactly why and when a baby is ready to be born.

A common theory is that labour begins due to a hormonal process initiated by developed fetal lungs.

So (some) people can take comfort in knowing that their baby might just need a little extra time or a bit less before they are ready to enter the world.


Leads to the misconception that baby's are born when it is the best time for them and arguably the safest.

Some babies are born prematurely while others are born post term. Both of which do pose more health risks to the baby and the person carrying them.

Believing that a baby comes when they are ready can lead to harmful conclusions and decisions.

Alternative phrases

"Baby might come when they are ready"

"Baby will come when they come"

"Baby's arrival is a team effort»

"I trust this baby, me, and our healthcare provider to go through this journey together"


A reason for why pregnancies go past 42 weeks could be inaccurate dating.

Always have open and information based conversations about vour options with your healthcare provider.

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