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Does a “Natural Birth” Mean a More Positive Experience?

A “natural birth” is not the same as a positive experience.

As a doula, I often hear people talk about and plan for a “natural birth”, with the hope that this will aid in a positive experience and memory.

However, having a set mind on a “natural birth” can make for a rigid plan, as it aims to limit or avoid medical assistance that could be helpful or necessary*.

How does this impact you?

Multiple studies show that a flexible birth plan that allows for choice and control is associated with more positive experiences!

When the plan is to avoid said medical assistance, then a potentially huge change can lead to feeling defeated, frustrated, and traumatized.

However, when a birther is open and flexible to changes and able to collaborate with their healthcare team, they feel happy, empowered, and supported.

So no.

You don’t need to have a “natural birth” in order to have a positive experience.

You need a flexible plan & team that honours your choices (and yes, that can include a “natural birth”, but it doesn’t have to).

*not every medical intervention is helpful or necessary just like not every medical intervention is bad

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