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You’re pregnant, low risk, and past your due date- Now what?

Are you pregnant, low risk, and past your due date? Here’s what you should know.

As a doula, part of my job is supporting you with information, but not giving you medical advice. So here we go!

There are usually 2 options if you’ve gone past your due date:

1. Elective induction- choosing to be induced to go into labour

2. Expectant management- your healthcare provider keeps a close eye on things while waiting for labour to start on its own.

Both options have been studied extensively, and there doesn’t seem to be a significant preference for either. Both have similar health outcomes and rates of c-sections (if that’s important for you).

Elective induction does seem to have slightly better health outcomes and lower c-section rates. A draw back could be that inductions are a different kind of labour and could lead to further interventions (if that’s important to you).

Expectant management does seem to have slightly higher risks for health outcomes and c-sections. There is also no guarantee that waiting for labour to start on it’s own will avoid an induction. However, waiting may feel right to you and could lead to a birth experience that you prefer.

I advise that you talk to your healthcare provider about your preferences, goals, and what’s important to you. As well as the risks and benefits to your options.

And remember that what happens next, is your decision.

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