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Will a Doula Replace Your Significant Other?

“A doula will replace my significant other!”

This is an easy misconception to make, especially since significant others, friends, or family members tend to be in the birth room to support their loved one.

So why doesn’t a doula replace them?

💕I cannot replace the deep and meaningful connection between you and your loved ones.

🫤 Birth partners can find themselves very overwhelmed and unsure what to do. The steady presence of a doula can help to ease that worry and allow everyone to be present.

🙌 A LOT of doula work is supporting the Birther’s partner(s) with reassurance, instruction if needed, and the ability for them to take a break to eat or go to the bathroom if things are moving slowly.

📝 I help explain the process every step of the way.

🗣 Amplify your voice and facilitate communication between the birther, partner(s) and the healthcare team.

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