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Why You Should Avoid Listening to Negative Generalizations About Doctors & Midwives

You should NEVER listen to negative generalizations* about doctors or midwives.

One of the greatest indicators for how a birthing person will feel about their birth is the relationship between them and their healthcare provider.

So what happens when doctors or midwives are spoken about in a negative & generalized way?

The breakdown of the birthing person-healthcare provider relationship is initiated, via implicit bias.

If a birthing person is led to distrust their doctor or midwife they can become hyper-vigilant and ‘on guard.’ This mindset can:

• hinder collaboration

• interrupt proper care

• lead to feelings of being unsafe

• misconstrue healthcare processes

My advice is to, if possible, pick a healthcare provider that most aligns with your values and who you can trust with your pregnancy & birth.

And in the event that your care is transferred, remember that you are entitled to make informed and consensual medical decisions, or ask for another provider.

*examples of negative generalizations could be that doctors care more about policies than their patients, or that midwives are negligent

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