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Baby Steps

Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching & Support

"You know yourself and what's best for your family. I trust your intuitive knowing and I will defend it with everything that I have" -Riley, Baby Steps

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FREE Personal Assessment

Take the quiz & get a FREE personal assessment to help you feel empowered through your unique pregnancy & postpartum journey.

I've designed a quiz for you to understand and take charge of your journey, through customized questions to steer you towards your dream pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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Holding the Belly

A woman touching the womb of another pregnant woman

What you get with Baby Steps...

Coaching and support options designed by a certified doula with a diploma in nursing

Efficient online & in-person support, designed to fit into your busy schedule

Customized & affordable baby step options that that you can pick and choose from

Family Picnic


"Riley was an essential part of our team! She provided my husband and I with just enough support while also allowing us space to do our thing."


"All hell would have broken loose (without Riley). (She was) the highlight to the whole experience."

T. H.

"So grateful for (Riley)...(her support was) magical"


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