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Mix & match services to your needs and budget!

Contact Baby Steps to book a consult & services

In-person services located in and around Calgary AB & virtual services Canada wide

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This is a time to get to know each other and figure out if we are a match! I am able to meet via phone call, face time, or in person.



1-0n-1 Prenatal & Postpartum Support

Receive personalized support through in-person or virtual meetings.

I believe in your ability to thrive and not just survive. Whether you are experiencing pregnancy, nearing your due date, or adjusting to life with a new baby, I want to help you feel confident and at peace at this time. 

Together we can process, discuss, strategize, and implement any care that would be beneficial to you.


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Positive Birth Experience Plan

Creating a plan for a positive and conducive birth space can help the birthing person to progress in labour, cope better with pain, and have a more positive experience. Together, we will go through, discuss, brainstorm, and practice varying non-medical components to incorporate into your labour and birth.

This services is available virtually or in-person.


Birth Wish List

A new spin on the traditional "Birth Plan". Talk through each medical decision you may face during labour, birth, and afterwards. At the end, you will receive a detailed chronological wish list that your can bring with you to the birth, that can help you answer medical decisions as they arise. You will also receive a condensed birth wish list to bring for medical staff.


This service is available virtually or in-person. 


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Virtual Birth Attendance

A modern approach to birth support. As the doula, I take on the role of the "brain" and the birth partner(s) as the "body".

The birth partner(s) text/call me about how the labour is going and/or set me up on face time. Then I process the information and give suggestions, information and encouragement. 

This is a wonderful option for

  • Birthers who have done this before and are confident in their bodies and team

  • Birthers who have already chosen their birth partner(s) and are looking for informational and emotional support

  • Cesarean births

  • Birthers who desire a limited number of people present

  • Birthers who desire a more "hands off" version of support

*requires the additional purchase of the "Positive Birth Experience" plan, so that I can customize my virtual care to fit you


In-Person Birth Attendance

The traditional physical attendance of me as your birth doula during your labour and up to the first hour after birth.

As a birth doula I am able to support your birth partner(s), help suggest comfort measures, help you access information to make decisions, help facilitate positive communication between you and the healthcare team, and encourage you.


*requires the additional purchase of the "Positive Birth Experience" plan, so that I can customize my care to fit you.


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