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Baby's Feet

About Baby Steps

Birth and postpartum are not a "one-size-fits-all", and neither should be your care.

Baby Steps is the perfect first step for busy families seeking support tailored just to them, with the whole family at the center.

Simplify pregnancy, own your birth, and master the art of postpartum with Baby Steps.

In-person services located in & around Edmonton AB

Selective openings in Calgary AB

Virtual services Canada wide

About Baby Steps: About

Why Baby Steps?

  • Baby Steps cares about the whole family! You won't find your partner pushed to the side or forgotten about.

  • You'll never feel an ounce of judgment from me when it comes to your birth. I believe that home births are enchanting, hospital births are comforting, epidurals are modern magic, inductions are like Christmas morning, and cesarean births are breathtaking.

  • Although doula work is an unregulated industry, I strive for my profession to be aligned with the most current evidence based information and to uphold the highest level practice that I can. 

  • As a previously trained practical nurse, I am able to understand the viewpoint of your nurses and doctors; allowing the opportunity for respectful communication and collaboration.

  • I value reliability and follow through in my commitments to your family while remaining flexible to your schedule

  • I believe time is precious. That's why I organize visits to be personalized to your family’s unique needs and curiosities. 

  • I have experience with:

    • ​Midwife, Obstetrician, and family Doctor led births

    • Hospital and home births

    • Water and land births

    • Vaginal, assisted, and cesarean births

    • Induced and spontaneous labors

    • Natural comfort tools (ie birth combs, movement, TENS machine, etc.) and medical comfort tools (ie epidurals, laughing gas, morphine)

    • VBACs 

    • In-person and virtual support

    • High risk and low risk pregnancies and births


Baby Steps is An Inclusive Space

All pregnancies, births, and families are welcome here

Logo displaying doula company name "Baby Steps" with baby foot prints in the middle
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