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What is a Doula, Anyways?

Simply put, a doula is a support person. 

That support can be shown through a Labour Doula and a Postpartum Doula. 

When we picture labour and birth, who do we see in the room with the birthing person and possible partner(s)? Nurses, perhaps an anesthesiologist, a doctor, maybe even a midwife? All of these people are important and valued members of the birthing team, and do you see a commonality between them? Their primary concern is the physical wellbeing of the birthing person and baby. 

A doula’s primary concern is different, and one that helps to round out the holistic wellbeing of the birthing experience. A doula is there to provide continuous emotional support, aid in physical comfort, and a resource to help get information and guide in decision making processes. In addition, a doula offers support to partner(s) supporting the birthing person. For partner(s), a doula gives the opportunity to engage in the experience within their own comfort level, to have someone to lean on emotionally, and the opportunity to take a break.

A Postpartum Doula helps assist the family in adjusting to life with a new baby, coping with emotions, and finding a new and balanced “normal”.

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